Ostrich Nation


A lot is being said about the condition of our nation, but how many realize we are heading for the cesspool of the universe? We are enabling the greedy, venal, stupid and sometime evil in their efforts to take us to damnation followed by extinction. Of course the greedy sociopaths will move themselves to some place worthy of their presence and safe from extinction, at least for a while longer than the common folk. We have moved to what so many Latin American nations fought to escape, oligarch dictatorship in which the “common” citizen is something to be used—and abused.

Our politicians happily support corporations in paying employees so little that they’d be better off in old style company towns with housing provided. Of course residents of company towns could go further and further into debt to the overlords but they did have shelter and food, which was probably more nourishing that what many poor people can get today.

Our alleged leaders seek ways to keep people from voting. Their efforts can include creating confusion about the possibility of easily doing so, as in Dade County, Florida in which availability of bathrooms in voting locations is in doubt. You find yourself in a long line? Stay and vote and maybe pee in your pants to do so.

There are “leaders” who don’t think much of children, thus the future. Eric Cantor voted no on expanding health insurance for children. He and his staff definitely have problems with the young. The police were called to remove singing children from his office. There are many more of his ilk. The only children who matter are the spawn of the greedy and venal, those filled with contempt for those who aren’t just like them.

Our politicians happily support corporations in providing “education.” Coffers are filled and education is not the point. See “The Reason Education Sucks” by George Carlin It takes about a minute and a half for him to move into education, so stay with it. You might not like his street language but the man told it like it was and IS. The owners of this country don’t want a population of citizens capable of critical thinking. Everything will be done to keep children who don’t belong to democracy-killing sociopaths from being educated to think. Critical thought could produce revolution.

I wonder what the citizens of Rome were thinking as their empire slid further and further into nonexistence? I suppose they too had the ostrich head in the sand stance.