Think About

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How long will you pretend the ship isn’t sinking? How long will you ignore events whirling around you like a maelstrom and go along as if life is just peachy-keen?

Think about police running amok costumed, or not, in SWAT gear.

Think about citizens running amok killing each other for no good reason.

Think about men in states across the nation prancing around with hand guns and assault rifles dangling off their bodies. Think about them going into stores, churches, parks where children are playing—and think about how the police can’t do a damned thing about it because the filthy NRA has politicians by the balls or boobs.

Think about how guys with perceived teenie, weenie peenies—flaccid or erect—and how they have to have dangling guns to feel like men. “The most dangerous men on earth are those who are afraid they are wimps” James Gilligan

Think about the women involved in pseudo-weenie wag insanity. Think of the silly little twits blathering on about castrating and shooting animals. Think about how that makes them just like the teenie, weenie guys.

Thank about the greed of the wealthy. Think about how they lie, cheat, manipulate and rip off the not-wealthy. Think about how corporations are valuable and individual humans are not. Think about how consumer goods are to be compensation for you being thought of as an expendable thing.

Think about socially endorsedbut denied—white hatred of black people and what that means. Filthy, sicko home grown terrorists regularly kill black people. We work ourselves into a lather over the possibility of outsider terrorist action but merrily go along thinking our very own terrorists are just crazy individuals. Think about how accepted hatred creates crazy.

Think about how the US is often described as having a rape culture. Think of how arrested rapists gain sympathy while their victims are vilified. Think of how women in the military are expected to offer their bodies to provide jollies to filthy pieces of shit because rapists are better than women. Think about how the politicians and the military want to maintain this environment.

Think about women in prison for fighting back against the pieces of shit that had been abusing them for years. Think of how these women should be given medals. They were, after all, cleaning up the environment.

Think about the cockamamie wars created out of no intelligent understanding of what’s happening in troubled nations, and with no clear objectives and plans. Think about torturing prisoners of war. Think about sending citizens to foreign nations to be tortured. Think about that disgusting, filthy John Woo who created the torture memos so filth like Rummy, Cheney, Condi and their fellow evil doers could order the torturing and killing of anyone they wanted to.

Think, think long and hard, about the politicians that want to repeat all  that horror.

Think about the physical infrastructure of the nation falling apart. Think about driving across a bridge being an act of faith in—nothingness. Oh, well, c’est la vie. It’ll all be nothing pretty soon.

          Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold:

          Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,

         The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere

         The ceremony of innocence is drowned;

         The best lack all conviction, while the worst

         Are full of passionate intensity.

I don’t think William Butler Yeats was thinking of the United States when he wrote “The Second Coming,” after the First World War, but he predicted our present. A “rough beast” has slouched into America and is destroying a nation that once had promise.

Think about arranging chairs on the sinking ship.

Do “Cops” Deserve Disrespect

COPS! What? They call policemen cops??? What kind of low class place is this? This was my response to a headline in “The New York Times” or “Herald Tribune “or “Newark News.” When I moved to New Jersey there were a lot of newspapers.

I grew up in the state of Washington and do not remember being told what to call police officers. You just knew that you did not call them cops. To do so was disrespectful, demeaning, denigrating to the officers and made the speaker a low life. I could not believe a newspaper would use the word cop. But New York and New Jersey ones did. Still do. But my prohibition about its use stayed with me. It is beginning to wane, however, because reports of police officers behaving like thugs have been coming at us with increasing frequency. I won’t discuss the race issue, just speak of police creating havoc and fear for any citizen. Police now get themselves decked out in fancy costumes, grab some military weapons and go out to show the community they’re something, the something looking like the legal goons in police states.

Drugs figure prominently in many thug stories. Someone says there are drugs in X house and a SWAT team roars in. No warrants, no nothing but guys high on fancy dress and weaponry. And too much testosterone, or maybe it’s too little of the big T, thus demanding proof of manhood. And what better proof than tanks, flash grenades and guns? Police smash into homes, throw people to the floor, shoot dogs doing nothing but barking. One particularly awful event included throwing a flash grenade into a baby’s playpen, blowing a hole in the child’s chest. A “protector” of the community would not allow the mother to go to the child. The baby survived but his ultimate condition is unknown. There were no drugs in the home.

COP behavior reared its ugly head with an invasion of the mayor’s home in 3000 person Berwyn Heights, Maryland. The Mayor’s dogs were shot, having made no attack moves. There was no authorization for entering or questioning, but the Mayor and his mother-in-law were interrogated, handcuffed, in his home for hours, surrounded by the blood of his dogs. The Mayor was later awarded damages, costing taxpayer money because of the brain-dead behavior of militarized law enforcement officers. 

I have become increasingly worried. No, I’m beyond worried. I’m scared. I wonder when I’ll see tanks with SWAT boys on top armed with assault rifles roll down the streets of my town of 6000 people. If other towns need SWAT teams and heavy weaponry, why not mine? Of course there have to be drugs somewhere in this town. There are drugs everywhere in this nation. Let someone point to my home and I could be looking down the barrel of a gun made for war.

I look for good news about police officers. I really would like to think of them as protectors, not as thugs being commanded by the unbelievably pathetic, but I fear cop might become a regular part of my vocabulary because for me cop is a word for those you don’t, can’t respect.

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