One Month Recognition


We’ve recently left Women’s History Month. Once again we can forget about women as full fledged humans.

When I was Director of the Women’s Center at Montclair State University in New Jersey I planned nothing for Women’s History Month because I considered doing so was adding to the insult. What self-respecting woman smilingly accepts being patted on the head? “Sir, Master, Mr. Wonderful, how fine of you to grant this little spell of appreciation.” It’s time to declare that one month of recognition isn’t going to grant forgiveness for expressions of contempt during the rest of the year. Forgiveness be damned. Has forgiveness made the lives of Women, as well as Blacks and Indians, any easier? NO. Anger, righteous indignation if you prefer, is what brought about positive change for those who are expected to accept their alleged sub-human existence.

If you think I’m going too far you haven’t been paying attention to Congress and Republican led states. The War on Women is real.

Item: Republican NO to the Lilly Ledbetter Equal Pay Act.

Item: Anti Abortion Choice. Even in the case of rape. Now there’s hate.

Item: Anti-contraception: A freaking presidential candidate was/is opposed to contraception. In the 21st Century! He and those in agreement are nothing but little tin horn creeps who want total control over half the population—women.

Item: Openly anti-woman. A Maine State Representative proclaimed if women could get abortions, men should be able to rape women. He apologized. Who cares? He spoke what he thinks and feels and is just too damn dumb to realize he’s nothing but a hate-filled flaming posterior orifice. Just how do abortion and rape equate? Who knows? Unfortunately people vote for the thinking-challenged, i.e., dumb as they come.

Item: Women are incubators. A Virginia State Senator labels pregnant women as hosts rather than mothers. Soon we’ll hear that women are nothing but incubators ala Greek drama “The man is the source of life …I give you proof that all I say is true. / The father can father forth without a mother” (Eumenides by Aeschylus) This from woman-hating Athena, the goddess for Phyllis Schlafly.

We’ve come quite a long way since the Second Wave of Feminism but the DOOFs (Dying Out Old Farts—which includes some women) are in a last ditch battle and we need to let them know they aren’t going to win. We’ve got to get the hate-filled and dumb-as-they-come out of public office.

Give time. Give money. Give words. Give whatever you can to get rid of them. It’s time to terminate One-Month-Out-of-Twelve Mentality and what is represents—contempt for women.


Final thought—Ask men if they would be willing to give up control of their bodies. Bet you won’t get a majority of them saying yes. Wouldn’t be surprised if you got none.